BrewDog Layer Cake

Layer Cake is a new 7.0% pastry stout infused with, marshmallow, vanilla and chocolate brownie.

Wychwood King Goblin

Only ever brewed under a full lunar moon, with crystal malts and sovereign hops for a rich, smooth sublimely satisfying taste of pure beer indulgence.

BrewDog, Nitro Jet Black Heart ,Vanilla Oatmeal Milk Stout

Fabulous looking nitro stout. Tastes like a cool, sweet creamy coffee with a dash of vanilla. Nuttiness too . Like a cold Irish coffee. Very, very smooth.

Sainsbury’s Traditional Kentish Ale

A smooth and fruity beer, bursting with refreshing flavours of citrus fruits combined with rounded, malty notes. This crisp and citrussy beer is brewed using a single hop variety, Earlybird to give a light malty beer with fresh floral aromas.