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Is there any Good News

Visit the Lakes, 50p for a wee

This must be a Tax on the elderly, I need the loo more than most, especially after a drive to the Lakes

I don’t understand how people can be this stupid

Furlough has saved the day

Furlough confirmed Redundancy postponed

Its almost official

Redundancy confirmed unless something changes

Possible redundancy

We have a situation, there is a chance of redundancy due to the downturn in business as COVID-19 takes hold

Looking likely

My job no longer exists and would likely be made redundant.

Work Quiz day

Lets have a quiz at dinner time, organised by work. Really looking forward to the Quiz, well feel obliged to attend. It turns out that it was quite good.

Christmas is Coming

Father Christmas comes to Brackley very early. The word Christmas should be banned at least till the 2nd week of December

Brackley SoapBox Race

There is a good chance the Mercedes F1 team soapbox vehicle will win

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