Adnams Southwold Bitter
A refreshing beer of real flavour – distinctively hoppy and dry with malt aromas. Delicious served cool. Adnams brewery has stood in the heart of Southwold for over six hundred years and “Southwold Jack” appears on our beer labels. He continues to guard over our longest-serving beer brewed here in Southwold on the Suffolk coast -The Bitter. Bitter goes well with roast meats and fish cooked in batter as the clean bitterness cuts through the slightly fatty notes and hence keeps the palate refreshed. Our Bitter also makes a good aperitif.

Harviestoun IPA
Everyone here in Scotland knows that we Scots invented everything. We’re natural pioneers, so it’s no surprise Harviestoun were at the forefront of using American hops in the UK to create a modern craft IPA, way back in the eighties, and now we’ve tweaked that original great recipe to bring you Harviestoun IPA, a true, authentic American style IPA with plenty of long-lasting flavour.
Strong like an IPA ought to be, it’s a live-wire, citrussy hop-bomb; made using four big-flavoured American hop varieties, all native to the West Coast, and 100% finest Malted Barley to give superior body and really let the hops sing.

Bath Ales Golden Hare
It’s crisp, light and flavoursome; smooth, dry and wonderfully fresh and zesty.