Brewed to a recipe believed to be over 500 years old, using well water, both pale and roasted malted barley, and English hops. Owd Rodger is a homage to an old style country ale with an explosion of rich fruit flavours followed by a dry, bitter-sweet finish. At 7.6% ABV it should be savoured in moderation. It is hard to better this classic winter drink.

Black Sheep Riggwelter

“Strong Yorkshire Ale”

Riggwelter is now our second best-selling bottled beer and has national listings in many of the major supermarkets.

Roasted malt, hops and banana-fruit.

This strong, velvety ruby brown beer really is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is deceptively clean drinking, with a wonderfully complex palate of coffee, bananas and liquorice which rewards you with a long, dry Goldings hop finish.


We use a base of Maris Otter malted barley, but add plenty of Pale Chocolate malt to give Riggwelter its rich dark colour, espresso nose and roasted malt flavours. We use a touch of wheat which helps deliver the lovely creamy head and lacing down the glass – just what you would expect from a proper Yorkshire beer!

All our bottled ales are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

What’s in a name?

Riggwelter Ale takes its name from a local Yorkshire Dales farming term which has Old Norse roots; “rygg” meaning back, and “velte” meaning to overturn. A sheep is said to be rigged or “rigwelted”, when it has rolled onto its back and is unable to get back up without assistance. It seemed the perfect name for a strong beer from the Black Sheep Brewery in Yorkshire.

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