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Christmas Beer Present Selection

Belgian Beer selection, Do I have a drink problem ? I like beer and wine, so No Problem.

Booths have a Great Selection

I am almost sure they sell more than just beer, but as I only shop once a year for my Christmas tipple I wouldn’t know what else they sell.

A fair selection

Theakston Old Peculier Shepherd Neame Kentish Ale Wychwood Hobgoblin Ruby Black Sheep Ale

Just a couple for the weekend

Theakston Old Peculier “The Legend”. Brewed using a generous blend of finest pale, crystal and roasted barley malts, along with the majestic Fuggle hop, to create a wonderful, full-bodied flavour with subtle banana, cherry and rich fruit overtones. A peculier… Continue Reading →

Keeping Cool at Hoddlesden Reservoir Description (D/A) Follow the road north to the track heading northeast off the main road. Plenty of parking on the main road in the village. Take track northeast towards farm building. Pass buildings on the west side then upslope… Continue Reading →

Brewdog Day

BrewDog Candy Kittens For the latest collaboration beer, Brewdog have teamed up with Candy Kittens who have been shaking up the sweet game for the past decade. Our liquid tribute to the gourmet gummies is just as big on flavour… Continue Reading →

Weekend beer selection

Robinsons Old Tom With Ginger / Ginger Tom Originally labelled as Ginger Tom. Label was changed to read Old Tom With Ginger circa 2011. Ginger Tom is a lively breed indeed, a subtle snap of ginger creates lovely purring warmth… Continue Reading →

All Very Dark

Brew York Imperial Tonkoko Stout We’ve beefed up Tonkoko and brewed an imperial version, set to launch at the 2017 Leeds International Beer Festival. Expect an even bigger coconut, Tonka, Cacao & Vanilla hit, to compliment the extra abv. Wrapped… Continue Reading →

I’m Shrinking

Rushmere Country Park A great place to discover nature and enjoy the outdoors with over 400 acres of woodland, heathland and meadows to enjoy.  Come and view herons nesting in Spring from our outdoor café terrace, discover fairy doors and the Giant’s… Continue Reading →

Is there any Good News

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