BrewDog Tony’s Hopolonely

White Chocolate & Raspberry Milkshake IPA Our Tony’s Hopolonely collaboration brings one of the amazing chocolatiers bars to life in beer form! This white chocolate and raspberry milkshake IPA combines sweetness and sharp fruit with a bold mouthfeel that gives this beer style its name – milkshake. The nose is all sweet and sharp raspberries with hints of milky chocolate; on the pallet it’s a decadent and dessert-like experience that marries the best of what BrewDog and Tony’s do best.

Mad Squirrel Roadkill

An Opaque IPA, BAM! That’s Roadkill hitting your taste buds like a body bouncing off a bonnet. An ABV of 65mph collides with the squishy pulp of unexpecting fruit and leaves super smooth tire-tracks all over your tongue. Roadkill, don’t drink and drive.