Tarn Hows from Coniston

This walk starts in the lovely village of Coniston by the lake of the same name, and is particularly suited to anyone staying there.

Tarn Hows is a very well known Lake District visitor attraction. What is less well known is that the tarn used to be three smaller ones called High, Middle and Low Tarn. In 1862 James Marshall gained the land and set about building a dam to raise the level, and with other landscaping largely created the Tarn Hows we see today. Later he sold it to Beatrix Heelis, better known as Beatrix Potter, who eventually passed it to the National Trust for safe keeping.

There is a small amount of road walking on the return journey which can be avoided by simply retracing the outward leg.

Parking in Coniston village is limited and gets very busy at weekends and holiday times.