Courage Directors

Originally brewed at Alton Brewery in Hampshire in 1903 for the Courage directors; spare beer was sold as Alton IPA, which acquired the nickname of  Director’s Bitter.

Moved to the Courage owned Simonds Brewery in 1969, then to the Anchor Brewery in Bermondsey, then, in 1981 to Bristol. When Courage was taken over by

Scottish and Newcastle, production moved to John Smith’s brewery in Tadcaster. Production was later contracted out to Youngs in London, and 

in Jan 2007 the Courage Brand was purchased by Wells & Youngs who brew it in Bedford.

This premium cask ale has a strong following throughout the country. It is genuine premium beer, pale brown in appearance with a deep rich taste.

Full bodied with a clean, bitter taste, balanced with a sweet burnt, malty and fruity notes with a distinctive dry-hop aroma and flavour.

Shipyard Portland

A light coloured, well balanced craft lager which denotes a flavour character straight from it’s origin in Portland, Maine, USA.

Using generous American hops at the end of the brewing process to create a clean and crisp taste, with a sweet lemon and blueberry finish and Floral, Nectar fruits aroma.