GFL – Gluten Free Lager (5.2%)

A lighter and paler beer, mainly for those that enjoy an easy drinking premium lager style beer rather than an ale. Uniquely balanced and best served chilled.


Robinsons Old Tom With Ginger

EST. CALORIES: 180   ABV: 6%

Originally labelled as Ginger Tom. Label was changed to read Old Tom With Ginger circa 2011.

Ginger Tom is a lively breed indeed, a subtle snap of ginger creates lovely purring warmth for those cold winter nights, or a refreshing summer beverage when served over ice.

Specially brewed using an infusion of Chinese bruised ginger root and botanical extracts, this warming speciality ale has a pronounced ginger and spiced herb palate complemented by a sweet roasted malt dryness and wonderful ginger after burn.

Ginger Tom is a richly flavoured dark oak coloured ale with distinctive aromas of peppery spice and sweet ginger.